Please join in saying #ThanksFosterFamilies during National Foster Care Month. Here you'll find ready-to-use social media posts which you can use as-is or adapt as you like. We encourage you to keep the #ThanksFosterFamilies and #FosteringCHAMPS hashtags and @FosteringCHAMPS tag to help us identify and amplify your posts.

Sample Instagram Comments

Instagram is another great social media tool for reaching key audiences, such policymakers. You can post a family photo or use one of the graphics provided in this toolkit.  It's easy to tag policymakers in images or captions and/or leave a message to their Instagram content.

In honor of May’s #NationalFosterCareMonth #NFCM2019, we’re joining @FosteringCHAMPS to say #ThanksFosterFamilies! #FosterParents help children and families heal and thrive.


Today, May 31, is National Foster Family Appreciation Day! #FosterParents help children and families heal and thrive -- and today, we’re joining @FosteringCHAMPS to say #ThanksFosterFamilies.


Kids need amazing parents, and foster parents are stepping up each day to fill this crucial responsibility in children’s lives. This #NationalFosterCareMonth #NFCM2019, we’re proud to join @FosteringCHAMPS to celebrate them by saying #ThanksFosterFamilies!


Sample Social Graphics